Zagura's Projects

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These are some projects of mine. Beware, not all of them are presentable

Forum thing

Made an incomplete forum (lacks moderation tools or the ability to delete replies)

Ascii tiled game thingie

A not-really-a-roguelike-but-has-the-vibes not-a-game-yet, that I made cuz I wanted to do some smartass simulation stuff, but then got burnt out, so it's kind of on pause for now


A markdown notes app

Slab Launcher

A minimalistic launcher inspited in YASAN & Ratio launcher (but it's shitty & broken)

Mastodon Redirector

(only works on Mastodon v3) Replaces the follow button on other instances with a button, that redirects you to your instance, so that you can follow, or interact with a user's content

Posidon Launcher

A shitty ass one-page launcher with an rss feed

Mango Programming Language

My first ever attempt at a programming language. Also, it compiles using LLVM, which is cool, but other than that, it's shit