Ilin Kil's Vocabulary

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(probably gonna be changed a lot, the words aren't 100% ready yet)

Verbifying suffixes
Suffixes Meaning
-la To be <predicative> in terms of <root> (about <object>)
tinla pona = being positive of state = being ok
omla pona = being positive of feeling = being positive/happy
killa un = being one of appearance/style = being unicue-looking / having an original style
-ta To transform/change/make <object or else self> into <root>
alta = making self into a thing = being born
alta o kamolo = make book into a thing = create book
nilta o azom zo = make my computer into nothing = destroy my computer
-sa To percieve <object or else just in general> using <root>
ozimsa o nom = visually percieve food = see food
nomsa onato o nom = positively perceive (by taste) food = to like the food
Other affixes
Affix Meaning
-zol 10000 ^ _
Word Meaning
ako And
al Thing, object
aloko White, light
azom Computer, calculator, object that aids thought, automation
il 3rd person pronoun, referring to the last occurring subject
ilin Communication, language
iloku Water
ilu 3rd person pronoun, referring to the second to last occurring subject
inoko Black, dark
jako Orange
joko Yellow
joli Lime
joto face
juti Sound, music, hearing
kalo Paper, file, article
kamolo Book, dossier, archive
kapo head
kil Beauty, style, appearance
kili Green
kilo Decoration, embellishment, accessory
kipizi Piece, fragment, part
ko 5
ku 2
kuli Fruit, vegetable, berry
likilo Teal
limon genitals
lipun Purple
lojo Smell, fragrance, aroma
lokim Night
loko Blue
lonim Rest
ma What (like seme in toki pona)
mako Red
mito Size, scale
mi 3
mimolo Number, quantity
mini Small, slightly, few
molani Earth, dirt
molo Big, very, many
niki Fuchsia, hot pink
nil None, emptiness, nothing, 0
noko Leg
nom Food, taste, mouth
nuki Wrong, incorrect
o Direct object indicator (left = SV, right = O)
om Feeling, thought, concept, vibe, aesthetic
onato Ethical, good
ono Or
oziko Color
ozim Vision, image
patato Potato
pi 4
pil Pointer, finger
poku Hand, grabber
pon Bread
talu Different, other
tan Xor
tapo Touch, tap
tapul Unethical, bad, rude, evil
tin Mode, setting, state, weather
toki Hi, excuse me (to call attention)
tolo Similar, same
ukon Identity
un 1, unit
zalazo air
zali Correct, affirmative
zaluki Maybe, possibly
zan 10 (6 in base 10)
zilo hair
zo 1st person pronoun (I/me)
zolopo fire
zom Intelligence, knowledge, mind, soul
zomon Day
zu 2nd person pronoun (you)
zul Body, enclosure, chassis
zulo 100 (36 in base 10)
zuloko Blood
zupo Soup, stew
zutu place