Ilin Kil

Ilin Kil (Pretty Language) is a pretty little lang, currently being conned by Zagura. Join the discord to help with its development (pointing out missing words, suggesting stuff…)


Example Sentenses


Zu tinla ma?
/su ˈtinla ma/
How are you?

Zo omla onato
/so ˈomla onato/
I'm feeling good

Il zulla onato
/so ˈnilta o su/
They're healthy

Zo nilta o zu
/so ˈnilta o su/
I (will) destroy you

Zo omla onato o akil zu
/so ˈomla onato o ˈakil su/
I like your outfit (I feel positive about your decoration)

Tin tinla onato
/tin ˈtinla onato/
The weather is good (The state is positive of state = The state is good)

Ideas to Consider Implementing