Zagura's Art - 2022

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Xenia using a computer

I also made some 88x31 badges/buttons/banners/whatever u wanna call them:

Drawing Grid

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A cloudy desert with a pyramid in the distance & a thin slit in the clouds that lets the light through
A drawn person pretending to use a bow
VERY skinny, nude individual stretching their right arm behind their neck. They have medium-length wavy hair & elf ears
Shirtless lean demon guy with a cute gargoyle on their shoulder
A linux install is like a cupcake: the dough part (the base) is the kernel, if you make some special change to the dough, that's a kernel module, chocolate chips and stuff would be the builtin linux programs, like sudo & ls. Then there's the cupcake wrapping, which is like the shell/desktop environment (like Gnome, Kde…), some people might not want it, and get their hands dirty. Then there's the topping, which represents the apps, some of them are meant to match the wrapping in style, and some aren't
Like tiefling, but no horns, not elf. Has blue skin with white undercut hair (the head side parts of the hair are dark)
Merman in a kelp forest
Tiefling with golden jewelery
Muscular (artistically nude) blue guy with a tail walking underwater
Tiefling, but instead of horns it's very short antennas or something, looking up at implied pink vines or something like that
Sunset. A siloughette of a drone carrying a package to a floating city in the distance
Muscular dude in a desert, wearing a cape and a loin cloth thingie with 2 belts & a small bag attached to one of them
Siloughette of 2 humanoids sharing a moment infront of a green sunset